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When you take the "18 in 18" Challenge, you are sharing in the work of The Prisoners Hope to redeem broken lives




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When you take the "18 in 18" Challenge, you are sharing in the work of The Prisoners Hope to redeem broken lives

Your generosity really can transform the lives of prisoners and their families

Why Your Recurring Giving Matters

A stranger asked me the other day about our ministry after seeing the plaque on my car with The Prisoners Hope name/logo. Those of you who know me, know I like to talk to everyone (especially about what The Prisoners Hope does!) so a fairly long conversation ensued. After hearing what we did, he asked, "How do you support the work that you say often requires 1 or more years of working with incarcerated persons and their families?" My reply was that like most non-profits, we raise funds throughout the year from various sources – appealing to churches, individuals, foundations and conducting events and fundraising drives. He then surprised me by astutely replying, "I imagine that your funds don't always flow in smoothly from month-to-month, do they?" No they don't, I said.

Yes - this is the issue most non-profits face – uneven incoming revenues, but steady outflows of cash. If only it were different. What would a steady and predictable stream of income mean to The Prisoners Hope? It would mean that we could spend less time on fundraising projects, administration and planning/conducting events and more time connecting to our mission of serving our mentees and their families. And for you, our donor partners, smaller, regular giving can often be easier to accommodate in your budget, as well. Thus a win-win for everyone! In short, we want to do something to smooth out the ups and downs of monthly revenue.

We have created the "18 in 18" Challenge". It is a continuing appeal that provides an easy and hassle free way for you to participate with a monthly donation of only $18.

If you prefer to donate a different recurring amount and frequency, those options are also available.

Multiply the blessings by sharing this "Hope Challenge" with your friends and family

We hope you will take our challenge and also share this page with your friends and family.

Have questions? Contact us via email at or call 502-609-1013. For more information on the work of The Prisoners Hope, visit our website at

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