Your recurring gift of $19 can bring hope and healing image

Your recurring gift of $19 can bring hope and healing

Stand with us by joining the Hope Team in the "19 in 19" Challenge

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Your generosity can bring grace to the lives of prisoners and their families

Your gift of just $19 a month matters

Raising money for our ministry is not the most important thing we do, but it is a necessary thing. Much of our work depends on a predictable source of funds to ensure no gaps in the services we provide

This is the issue most non-profits face – uneven incoming revenues, but steady outflows of cash. If only it were different. It can be.

What would a steady and predictable stream of income mean to those we serve at The Prisoners Hope?

It would mean that we could spend less time on fundraising projects, administration and planning/conducting events and more time connecting to our mission to rescue men, women and families who want to change their lives. We want our energies to be devoted to activities to "make sure that no one misses the Grace of God" - Hebrews 10:25

And for you, our donor partners, smaller, regular giving can often be easier to accommodate in your budget, as well. Thus a win-win for everyone! So for 2019, we want to do something to smooth out the ups and downs of monthly revenue.

We have created the HOPE Team

The HOPE Team is a way for you to link arms with us as we work to restore lives shipwrecked in both individuals and families.

To join, we ask you to accept the "19 in 19" Challenge". It's an easy and hassle free way for you to participate with a monthly donation of only $19.

Would you prefer to donate a different recurring amount and frequency? Those options are also available when you click on donate.

Multiply the blessings by sharing this "Hope Challenge" with your friends and family

I hope we can count on you. May God bless you.

Have questions? Contact us via email at or call 502-609-1013. For more information on the work of The Prisoners Hope, visit our website at